"Tell a story everyone wants to hear in three minutes or less" - Ralph Murphy

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I'm about telling stories with song(s). I got this way by  being in a theater a group in France where I learned acting but fed myself by playing in a cabaret every night  - mostly my own songs. Later I was a theater musician touring England and also clubs and sidewalks in Morocco and various clubs across the States. I recorded a concept album which was songs and story - it didn't get released but the book, lead sheets and beats are available on Apple Books : Perceval, Fool Wise.

A few years ago I thought I'd like to write for film: several of the soundtracks are arranged into a suite on the album Dreams Without Pictures

Films/Videos: The Wish , The Naming Party, Triptych, Ult Akalula aka When GPS Dream, Run! It's the Poo-lice, Intersection,

I also did some acting thanks to my time in the theater: Three Moves, Three More Moves,  Êtes-vous malades? 

My current project is Native Dancer, stories in song from the outback of Eastern Montana.